Lexus Enform has been designed to work with compatible Apple iPhone and Google Android platform smartphones only.

With both smartphone platforms accounting for a large percentage of the smartphone market in Australia, most customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Lexus Enform system.

The following smartphones with the indicated software version are supported when using the Enform smarphone app version 4.0 (released 2019):

  • Apple iPhone XR - iOS v12
  • Apple iPhone X - iOS v12
  • Apple iPhone 8 - iOS v12
  • Apple iPhone 7 - iOs v12
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - 9.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - 8.0

Enform users will need to update to the latest version of the application both on the smartphone and on the vehicle multimedia system for full functionality. Users that currently have version 3.0 of the smartphone app may not be able to update and operate version 4.0 if they are not using one of the certified devices listed in the above tables.

Lexus reserves the right to amend the list of compatible smartphones at any time.

Other smartphone models and software versions may be compatible (or offer some level of compatibility), however Lexus cannot guarantee this. 


1. Available on certain vehicle models and grades only. 

2. Requires installation of a compatible app, third party information, sufficient mobile data & GPS signal. Mobile usage is at user's cost. [Toyota/Lexus] Australia reserves the right to add, remove or modify applications. For further information see lexus.com.au/enform

3. Available in certain vehicle models and grades only. Fees may apply. See lexus.com.au/enform for T&Cs.

4. Compatibility and functionality varies depending on device. For details see lexus.com.au/enform.

5. Uses third party information which may not be accurate or cover all areas.


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