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Discover Takumi Craftsmanship


Discover Takumi Craftsmanship

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No Shortcuts

The Takumi are master craftspeople who spend decades honing their craft to achieve unparalleled dexterity and skill. They embrace mindful repetition to cultivate mastery at the highest level. In doing so, crafting becomes intuitive and second nature. It takes 60, 000 hours to become a Takumi.


The Lexus Takumi Touch

Takumis leave their imprint on every Lexus through beautiful hand-crafted details and pioneering technology. Inspired by the Japanese 'Omotenashi' principle – the ethic of hospitality – every detail is crafted for ultimate comfort.

Takumi origami cat

Skilled precision

Takumi masters are continually assessed for precision and artistry. One particular test centres on the Japanese art of paper folding – origami. Aspiring Takumi are challenged to fold an origami cat with their non-dominant hand in under 90 seconds. This dextrous attention to detail is reflected in the construction of every Lexus.

Artisanal Touches

Takumi masters combine traditional art forms with modern technology to bring you thoughtful touches that delight. You can see these details in the distictintive spindle grille, the intricate kiriko glass and luxurious leather-accented quilting.

Lexus Origami details
Takumi inspection

Meticulous Inspection

Just as important as craftsmanship is the inspection process that ensures nothing less than perfection leaves the factory floor. Takumis possess razor sharp senses of sight and touch heightened and honed over decades. They scrutinise every stitch, panel and finish to ensure quality is maintained to the highest level.


The Takumi Origami Test

One of the qualifying tests for takumi, the master craftspeople who craft Lexus vehicles, is to create a piece of origami.

The twist is that the folding must be done with only one hand and that hand is the non-dominant hand, and the task must be completed in less than 90 seconds. The task takes considerable dexterity. In the Miyata Lexus plant, a bulletin board displays a brightly coloured assemblage of origami cats that were folded by the current team of stitching craftspeople.

Fancy yourself an artisan? Why not try the test yourself?


Human skill meets technology

Harmony defines the relationship between Takumi and technology. Blending the very pinnacle of human capability with modern machinery, innovative touches elevate the Lexus experience.

Lexus Takumi


Unrivalled craft comes from man working in unison with machine. The creation of each Lexus is a harmonious multi-layered process.

Lexus Takumi

Machine Accuracy

Leveraging Takumi skills to program robotic functions means combining artificial intelligence with handmade excellence.

Lexus Takumi

Human Senses

Machines may operate with precision but the heightened senses of the Takumi ensure every Lexus presents an enjoyable experience.


The Takumi Life

It takes 60, 000 hours to become a Takumi. Follow the journeys of 4 distinguished masters and see what it takes to rise to the level of a Takumi. From woodworking to papercutting to cooking, there are no shortcuts to perfection.


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